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What To Wear with a Denim Jacket

What To Wear with a Denim Jacket

July 30, 2018



denim jacket is a staple in most girl’s summer closet. Timeless, casual but chic - the classic denim jacket can see you through a multitude of social situations. However, it can sometimes be difficult to style a denim jacket. After all, no one wants to repeat Britney and Justin's double denim disaster! So to help you, the stylist at HIDDEN have compiled this guide to what to wear with your denim jacket!

Double Denim

It’s no secret that doubling up on denim can be a risky style choice. Done right it’s an incredible fashion statement, but done wrong it can be a fashion faux pas. We suggest mixing denim tones. For example, if you’re rocking an acid wash denim jacket, try styling it with a pair of skinny black jeans. This will prevent any Jason Donovan style double denim nightmares. We particularly love pairing our Black Skinny Jeans with Triple Button Fastening with our Light Blue Denim Jacket with Embroidered Badge Detail.

Dress It Up

Styling is all about balance, the right combination of soft and hard elements coming together to create a lit look. We love the idea of mixing the toughness of a classic denim jacket with the soft femininity of a day dress. This is an excellent option through summer as it allows you to rock one of the hottest fabrics this season without feeling weighed down. We’re loving teaming this Grey Bodycon Knit Dress with our Blue Acid Wash Denim Jacket with Cropped Sleeves.

Add Some Sophistication


Denim is often considered a durable but casual material. Why not turn this stereotype on its head this season by pairing your denim jacket with a sophisticated silhouette. We can’t get enough of pairing our denim jackets with pencil skirts this season. Why not take it to a new level and team your denim jacket with our Denim Pencil Skirt for two trends rolled into one!

Can’t get enough of the denim trend? Check out our full denim range below!