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New Romance

New Romance

February 04, 2019

Switch up your mentality and style this Valentine's day with our latest Valentines collection, New Romance. With Valentine’s day just around the corner, we thought it was about time we delved deeper into the collection!

Pastels Florals


Stepping into this year’s Valentines, the New Romance collection takes a different path. Choosing a pastel pink colour palette with delicate floral prints. In a range of silhouettes, this range transitions through flowing co-ord sets to pretty crop tops - allowing a huge sense of flexibility.


Red Romance


On the other hand, the New Romance also provides a much more traditional pop of red to any girl’s closet. Contrasting the soft beauty of the floral prints, the structured silhouettes and vibrant red hues that run through this section of the range adds a modern and edgy twist to classic valentines style.

Self Love


The overwriting concept of the New Romance collection is self-love. Taking the opportunity to turn a celebration often dedicated to the love you show to others and reversing it back on yourself. The New Romance range aims to provide woman with the confidence to say “I am enough”.

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