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Love Island 2018 - 5 Moments That Left Us Shook

Love Island 2018 - 5 Moments That Left Us Shook

July 31, 2018


With Love Island over for another year, it’s the perfect time to look back at the emotional rollercoaster this show has put us through! From true love to heartbreak, Love Island has captured the nation's imagination with it’s fun take on modern romance. So without further adieu, here are the 5 moments from Love Island 2018 that left us shook!

Adam Steals Kendall Rae


It may seem strange looking back at old pairing after 8 weeks of drama. This is especially true when it comes to Adam Collard and Kendall Rae Knight - especially seeing as Adama is so loved up with Zara McDermott these days! However, this wasn’t the case when he first entered the villa.

Arriving as the first surprise of the season, Adam was given the task of getting to know all the girls before ultimately choosing who to couple up with - leaving one poor chap alone!

Sadly Neil Aslam was the unlucky lad, with Adam choosing to take his lady friend on a romantic dinner before Kendall opted to re-couple the next day. However, when Rosie Williams turn up Adams wandering eye came into play (a common occurrence, as we all came to learn), finding Kendal on the home on her lonesome  

Eyal & Megan Snog In Front of Dr. Alex


We bet you forgot about this one

It’s hard to remember a time when Megan wasn’t totally smitten with Wes Nelson but it did happen! At one point, she seemed torn between spiritual model Eyal and Dr. Alex. However, this kiss seemed to play a pivotal role in her recoupling decision.


In hindsight we now know that Eyal and Megan were not meant to be (who remembers that awkward break-up conversation?) but we can’t help help but wonder how different things could have been if she’d given Dr. Alex more of a chance.

The Lingerie Shoot


Some may say that the lingerie shoot was the moment that cemented Adam Collard as love cheat in the public’s consciousness.
After he broke things off with Rosie to be with Zara (what a tangled web we weave Adam) she decided the best way to mend a broken heart was to do a seductive photo shoot in the garden. Whatever makes you feel better we guess babe.
It’s crazy how quickly the public’s opinion can be swayed, as she had everyone rooting for her following her sassy conversation with Adam. However, many viewer took to social media to criticise her sexy photo shoot, sigh.  



Megan Tells Wes How She Feels


Okay, so this moment lead up to one of the messiest love triangles in reality TV, but we still think Megan was super brave for laying her cards on the table. However, poor Megan got a lot of stick for telling Wes how she felt, despite the fact that he was the one in a relationship!
Yes, Laura Anderson was hurt in the process, but she’s found herself in a happier relationship with Paul Knops since - who also made it to the finals. Megan and Wes have really proven just how well-suited they are over the series. It just proves how laying your feelings bare sometimes is the best move. If Megan hadn’t have made that move.



Dani & Jack Winning




Let’s be honest - no one was surprised Dani & Jack won! Watching their adorable relationship blossom has been a national obsession for 8 weeks. Watching them finally take the crown was an emotional moment no of us are sure to forget. They even got the blessing of Dani’s famous actor father, Danny Dyer!