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Halloween Countdown: Scary Movies You Need To Watch

Halloween Countdown: Scary Movies You Need To Watch

October 21, 2019

Someone please pass us some pumpkins, because
we are 100% HERE for Halloween.
If you’re anything like us, you’ve been going HAM
on the pumpkin spice lattes and have been planning your
costume since 1 October.
To get you in the scare season spirit, we’ve put together a list of the
best horror films.
From movies that’ll properly freak you out to childhood classics,
these are the best Halloween films to watch to get you ready for
the most wicked holiday of the year.
1. Get Out
Released in 2017, Get Out is the chilling tale of a man who
discovers a shocking secret when he meets his gf’s family.
2. Goosebumps
Not into horror films? Relive your childhood with the
film version of Goosebumps.
It’s spooky but won’t have you sleeping with the light on.
Best of all? You’ll find this horror film on Netflix.
3. In The Tall Grass
In The Tall Grass is one of the new horror films on Netflix
and it looks absolutely TERRIFYING.
Basically, a woman and her brother head out into a cornfield to find
there might not be a way out. We’re never going to a maize maze again.
4. Hocus Pocus
Is it even Halloween if you’ve not watched Hocus Pocus?
It’s still one of the best Halloween films ever.
Some kids release a coven of witches from an abandoned
house and have to steal their book of spells to defeat them.
5. A Quiet Place
Looking for good horror movies to keep you on the edge of your seat?
A Quiet Place is a thriller about a world where no one can make a sound
(if they do, they get hunted by some SCARY creatures).
A great option if you loved Bird Box. 
6. Scream
Still one of the best horror films to watch around Halloween,
Scream is a sort-of-funny-but-still-a-bit-scary movie that
you’ve got to get on your watchlist this year.
Plus, it’s a classic.
Not got your costume yet? Head over to our
Halloween edit for fancy dress looks that SLAY.