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Girls’ Night In: 7 Films To Watch With Your Girl Gang

Girls’ Night In: 7 Films To Watch With Your Girl Gang

November 09, 2019

Pop a bottle of prosecco, throw on your pjs and get the good snacks in, it’s time for girls’ night! Having a night in with your pals is one of THE BEST things to do, especially when the weather gets chilly.
If you’re planning a girl gang night in, we’ve got the lowdown on the films you’ve got to binge watch. From classic chick flicks to cute girly movies, here’s our take on the best girls’ night movies.
Sex and the City 
 Whether you’re a Carrie or Samantha, SATC is 100% at the top of our list of the best girly films. While we might not be able to afford a pair of Manolos, we can still crush on ALL the fash vibes.
  Mean Girls

Mean Girls is easily one of the most quotable girly movies out there. This is definitely one you’ve got to watch with your squad, uniform of army pants and flip flops optional.




The Other Woman

Yasss, queens. The Other Woman is all about taking on trash men and winning. If one of your girls has had some f-boy trouble, this is one to get on your telly ASAP.




The Notebook

Even if you’ve seen The Notebook a thousand times, it’s the best chick flick to watch for your film night. Make sure you get the tissues ready though, ‘cause it’s a tearjerker.




 The Devil Wears Prada

Omg, is there anything better than classic chick flicks from the 2000s? The Devil Wears Prada is one of the best. Pop on your ~fanciest~ loungewear for this one.



 Love Actually

Planning a Christmas film marathon with your squad? Love Actually has GOT to be on your list. We watch it at least 10 times in the run up to xmas ‘cause it’s that cute.




Oceans 8

Fierce women of the world unite. Fancy something other than a romcom for your girls’ night? Add Oceans 8 to your watch list for babes bossin’ it.




Whether you’re looking for top chick flicks to add to your girls’ night agenda or something a lil different, we hope you have the best night in with your squad. Want some loungewear to keep your film night cosy AND cute? Shop our loungewear edit to find your faves.