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Easy Pick-Me-Ups to Beat January Blues

Easy Pick-Me-Ups to Beat January Blues

January 15, 2019

It’s January, it’s cold, you’re dieting, and broke - you know how it is. It’s super easy to feel down during this month, but don’t fret! We’ve created our top picks for easy January pick-me-ups to combat those blues!


Use Up Those Bath Bombs

We all have that one basket or drawer full of cosmetics and toiletries that we’re waiting for the perfect opportunity to use - but what better time than now! Take those bath bombs out the drawer, soak in the bath, and slather that face mask on honey!

Declutter Your Life

Who said you have to wait till Spring to declutter your life. Take the downtime of post-New Years to rid yourself of all the things you don’t need. Clear out your closet in preparation for the new season, refresh your room with a lick of paint, or even declutter your phone.

Binge-Watch a New Show

We mean, what better time to become obsessed with a new TV show! You’re broke and it’s cold outside, so take the opportunity to search Netflix for their latest array of binge-worthy content. Whether you’re all about the comedy, looking for a thriller, or want to escape into fantasy - Netflix is your BFF!

Take Up a New Hobby

What better time than January to discover a new talent! Why not take up that hobby you’ve been dying to try out for years. Who knows, you might discover you’re the next Olympic champion or art sensation.


Treat Yourself

When all else fails, say whatever to saving money and treat yourself to something new! We know we shouldn’t dip into our funds too hard this month, but hey, you only live once!

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