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Alternative New Year’s Resolutions

Alternative New Year’s Resolutions

December 27, 2017

Every year must come to an end and this year is no different. We’re taking down our Justin Bieber 2017 calendar and replacing it with 2018. Like the 2017 Justin Bieber calendar heading straight for the bin, so are 2017 bad habits.  We’re over being told to diet, drink less and get more exercise. However, we are all about self-improvement without the preach. Here’s our Hidden guide to Alternative New Year’s resolutions where you won’t be told to eat lettuce for five days straight.


Get those pictures printed

Your phone storage is reaching critical and you haven't even gone through your pictures in months. All those memories are dying to be let out and what better way to remember Jake getting stuck halfway through the bathroom window at Lisa's party than through the miracle of a printed image. There are dozens of mobile printing services available and it'd be a crime to forget the best moments of 2017.


Have a weekend away

 Don't um and ah about whether you're going to take some time just to enjoy yourself! Whether you're going for a city break abroad or a staycation camping in the woods, taking a quick break doesn't have to break the bank. Give yourself that much R&R and do a little exploring!


Enjoy the moment

Seeing our favourite artist or having an incredible night out is definitely cause for capturing the moment but how much is too much? Watching the entire gig behind a mobile phone can really lose the real vibes of the event. Save the snaps for your favourite song to playback and share with your pals.


Get that haircut

Hair grows back and hats are cool. Don't put off getting that haircut you've always wanted because you're worried it won't suit you. That block fringe can be clipped back with a simple slide if it's not working for you. Our only advice is don't pick up the scissors yourself.


Don't deny yourself the fries

Say yes to "Do you want fries with that?". A cheeky chip every so often really won't send your diet off the rails so why deny yourself potatoey goodness? We're all about the simple pleasures and simply, fries are too good to say no to!