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7 Dating Apps You Need RN

7 Dating Apps You Need RN

October 21, 2019

Looking for your next bae? Girl, aren’t we all.
From casj hook-ups to long-term potentials, sorting through the
trash to find your OTP is literally impossible these days.
Thankfully, we’ve got your back.
If you’re looking for the best dating apps to find your next date
(or just someone to text for a bit), we’ve got the lowdown on the
dating apps you need to download right now.
1. Tinder
Right, so let’s be honest. EVERYONE has been on Tinder at some point.
If you’ve uninstalled it & given up on swiping, hear us out.
It’s still one of the best dating apps out there simply because
of how many people are actually on it.
Give it another try, you might get lucky.
2. Bumble
We love Bumble ‘cause it’s got those girl power vibes.
If you’re sick of those ‘hey how’s u’ messages,
take control & make the first move.
Bumble is one of the best free dating apps,
although you can access premium tools if you want.
3. Hinge
Hinge is another free dating app with premium features,
and it’s reported to be the best dating app for finding an
actual relationship (say whuuut).
The downside is you’ve got to come up with witty facts about yourself,
which (if you’re anything like us) is impossible if all you do is watch Netflix.
4. Happn
If you’re looking for dating apps like Tinder that have fun features,
Happn is your go-to.
It basically matches you with people you’ve crossed paths with IRL.
It’s great if you live in a city but can get a bit weird
if you live in a small town.
5. Wingman
Do your mates constantly think they know what’s best
when it comes to your dating life?
Hand over the hassle of finding a date with the Wingman dating app.
Basically, your pals do all the hard work and all you’ve
got to do is turn up.
Where do we sign up?
6. Coffee Meets Bagel
If you’re looking for dating apps UK, you might not have heard of
Coffee Meets Bagel.
It’s a dating app that goes into a bit more detail,
meaning you’re more likely to find someone who isn’t completely terrible.
7. OkCupid
Another major player on the dating app scene, OkCupid
is consistently said to be one of the best dating apps around.
It’s got a reaaaally detailed questionnaire
you’ve got to fill out to help match you with dates,
which is a plus in our book.
It’s also one of the most inclusive dating apps out there too.
Had enough of saying thank u, next? Our guide to the best dating apps
(and free dating apps, ‘cause we’d rather spend our ca$h on clothes, obvs)
has got you covered.
Need an outfit for your next date?
Shop our latest New In to find a look that keeps all eyes on you.