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5 Signs You're Over Christmas Shopping Instore

5 Signs You're Over Christmas Shopping Instore

December 08, 2017

Christmas. The time of giving, festivities and relaxation right? Wrong. Every year Christmas rocks around and we try and convince ourselves we're ready to brave the local shopping centre and blast through that extensive present list. Gloves for Aunt Mabel, that lipstick kit for cousin Sarah and a new bag for Mom. We give ourselves one day to rush to the shops and get it all done but dreams never live up to reality. That jumper you intended for your Uncle? Sold out. The perfume set you wanted for your BFF? Only available in travel size. Nightmare.


Here are 5 Signs You're Over Christmas Shopping Instore, and ready to ditch traipsing around the shops, put your slippers on and do it all online!


You can't find a parking spot

The parking sitch has reached a critical level. You've been driving around the carpark for thirty minutes now, three times someone has swiped your space and you're beginning to get a cold sweat. If you see one more person that has double parked you're going to throw in the towel. There's no weakness in quitting here hun, go home and put the kettle on. 


Your shopping bags have split (again...)

You paid 5p for this bag and it's only gone and split. The tinsel, wrapping paper and the odd mini gift have gone all over the parking lot. Trying to balance a bags full of shopping gifts within your arms with two more slung around your elbows is a challenge we do not want to accept.


Fighting for sale gifts

You saw it first, you touched it first and you're gonna be the one whos taking it home. The constant battle of securing those hot sale items is beginning to take its toll. The bruises on your ankles are not cute and four broken nails later your beginning to think you're fighting a losing battle.


Work finishes at 5:30 and the shops close at 6:00

You're super busy on the weekends and the only time you have a chance to hit the shops is after work. Those last minute emails you have to send have taken longer than expected and you have approximately 20 minutes shopping time. Everything is getting slung in the trolley and to be honest, you're not really sure who and what you're buying for.


There's no discount in store 

You're spending BUCKS this Christmas and a little discount wouldn't go amiss. You rock up and there's not a discount or sale in sight. Saving a little would help to get those little stocking fillers but the department store isn't in the mood to give. Cry. 


Give it up and go online

It's 2017 and you don't even need to leave your house to get the best bargain gifts delivered right to your doorstep. Relax in your own home, apply that discount code and do your Christmas shopping at your own pace. Score! 


Shop New In to get your Christmas gifting started 😘